Listen to members and guests as they discuss a wide range of topics across paediatrics and child health

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    Child health inequalities

    Health inequalities are the avoidable, unfair systematic differences in health outcomes between different groups of babies, children and young people. Our podcasts explore topics such as talking with families about poverty and conducting research and quality improvement projects. They complement our toolkit on the main RCPCH website.

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    Diabetes Quality Programme

    To help drive outcomes improvements and encourage service change in paediatric diabetes care in England and Wales, the National Diabetes Quality Programme was established in collaboration with the National Children and Young People's Diabetes Network in April 2018.

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    Paediatric sepsis podcasts

    Listen to real-world advice and guidance on how to manage paediatric sepsis.

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    Pill swallowing in children

    How can we as paediatric health professionals support children and young people to swallow pills? In this series of educational podcasts, produced with Kidzmed, Dr Emma Lim chats with colleagues at the Great North Children's Hospital in Newcastle to explore what's gone well and what they can learn...

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    The Paeds Round from RCPCH and Medisense

    NEW EPISODE AVAILABLE NOW Listen to real-world advice and guidance on how to manage a range of clinical topics and much else on education, training and working in paediatrics. With Dr Emma Lim, Consultant Paediatrician and Dr Christo Tsilifis, Academic Paediatric Trainee, plus parents, paediatric specialists and junior doctors.