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Most recent webinars

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    Infectious diseases

    *NEW* RCPCH Webinar: Whooping cough (pertussis) – an update

    In this webinar, Professor Shamez Ladhani discusses the latest epidemic, vaccine uptake and modelling, and talk about some of the national cases; Professor Adam Finn discusses clinical features and the history of the vaccines used and Dr Adrian Humphry talks about the management of the critically ill child.

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    Air polution

    RCPCH Webinar: Air Pollution and Child Health Advocacy

    In this webinar, Dr Helena Clements, RCPCH Officer for Climate Change, in conversation with Dr Camilla Kingdon, former RCPCH President and chair of the Health Air Coalition as they delve into air pollution and child health advocacy, drawing from their expertise and personal journeys.

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    RCPCH Webinar: Leadership

    In this webinar, Dr Camilla Kingdon speaks about compassionate leadership. Jonathan Bamber presents leadership for improvement, covering the challenges for those leading quality improvement and patient safety.

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    Infectious diseases

    RCPCH Webinar: Measles – an update

    In this topical webinar, Dr Elizabeth Whittaker, Professor Shamez Ladhani and Nalini Iyanger will provide an essential update on measles in children, ahead of an outbreak.

Most recent podcasts

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    The Paeds Round from RCPCH and Medisense

    NEW EPISODE AVAILABLE NOW Listen to real-world advice and guidance on how to manage a range of clinical topics and much else on education, training and working in paediatrics. With Dr Emma Lim, Consultant Paediatrician and Dr Christo Tsilifis, Academic Paediatric Trainee, plus parents, paediatric specialists and junior doctors.

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    Paediatric sepsis podcasts

    Listen to real-world advice and guidance on how to manage paediatric sepsis. Join Dr Emma Lim, Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Sepsis Lead, to discuss all things sepsis together with parents, paediatric specialists and junior doctors in this multi-episode podcast.

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    Child health inequalities

    Health inequalities are the avoidable, unfair systematic differences in health outcomes between different groups of babies, children and young people. Our podcasts explore topics such as talking with families about poverty and conducting research and quality improvement projects. They complement our toolkit on the main RCPCH website.

Featured online learning

  • sfwd-courses

    Neonatal eLearning Programme for Myanmar

    The aim of the course is to give you the knowledge and ideas to help you take good care of every baby you see, whether they are well and strong, or sick or very small. The emphasis is on simple measures which safeguard vulnerable babies and give them the best possible start, but later modules will take you into the more complex diagnoses and treatments undertaken in more advanced neonatal units.

  • sfwd-courses

    Detecting Anorectal Malformations – Core

    This course is designed by surgeons, midwives and paediatricians and aims to help healthcare professionals in detecting anorectal malformations. The course goes through the normal anatomy of the perineum and the national screening framework. It explains the initial assessment of the newborn, how to inspect the perineum during the NIPE assessment and what to do if abnormalities are detected.

  • sfwd-courses


    Systematic reviews

    Welcome to this online training which describes the key stages and considerations of carrying out a systematic review. It will give you an overview of conducting systematic reviews in any subject area, with specific reference to children and young people where appropriate.

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