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Our programme has the input of more than 30 specialty groups so you update your knowledge on the clinical areas that suit you. Plus insightful talks from leading experts and valuable networking opportunities.


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    Diabetes Quality Programme

    To help drive outcomes improvements and encourage service change in paediatric diabetes care in England and Wales, the National Diabetes Quality Programme was established in collaboration with the National Children and Young People's Diabetes Network in April 2018.

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    Paediatric sepsis

    Paediatric sepsis podcasts

    Listen to real-world advice and guidance on how to manage paediatric sepsis.

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    Paediatric sepsis

    Pill swallowing in children

    How can we as paediatric health professionals support children and young people to swallow pills? In this series of educational podcasts, produced with Kidzmed, Dr Emma Lim chats with colleagues at the Great North Children's Hospital in Newcastle to explore what's gone well and what they can learn...

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    Detecting Anorectal Malformations – Core

    This course is designed by surgeons, midwives and paediatricians and aims to help healthcare professionals in detecting anorectal malformations. The course goes through the normal anatomy of the perineum and the national screening framework. It explains the initial assessment of the newborn, how to inspect the perineum during the NIPE assessment and what to do if abnormalities are detected.

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    Recognising Neuromuscular Disorders: A practical approach

    Welcome to this eLearning module on a practical approach to recognising neuromuscular disorders. Recognising Neuromuscular Disorders: A practical approach is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

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    Unconscious Bias

    This e-learning programme will enable you to identify unconscious bias, to challenge yourself and others and to effectively create an inclusive workplace

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