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RCPCH Webinar: Air Pollution and Child Health Advocacy

In this webinar, Dr Helena Clements, RCPCH Officer for Climate Change, in conversation with Dr Camilla Kingdon, former RCPCH President and chair of the Health Air Coalition as they delve into air pollution and child health advocacy, drawing from their expertise and personal journeys.


  • Dr Helena Clements
  • Dr Camilla Kingdon
  • Dr Alice Willson
  • Dr Emily Parker

Date of Recording

June 27, 2024

Available Until

June 26, 2025

About this webinar

Watch Dr Helena Clements, RCPCH Officer for Climate Change, in conversation with Dr Camilla Kingdon, former RCPCH President and Chair of the Health Air Coalition. Drawing from their experience and personal journeys, Dr Clements and Dr Kingdon will talk about the pressing issue of air pollution and its profound impact on child health.

They will explore topics such as the disproportionate effect of air pollution on vulnerable communities and the crucial role of healthcare professionals in advocating for clean air for all children across the world, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Key messages

Dr. Clements and Dr. Kingdon explained what air pollution is, its significant impact on children, and their heightened vulnerability to associated health issues.

The conversation explored how air pollution disproportionately affects minority ethnic communities.

Dr Kingdon introduced new evidence linking air pollution to mental health issues.

The conversation also explored the role of healthcare professionals in advocating for clean air and Dr. Kingdon shared her motivation for becoming an advocate for clean air.

Dr. Clements and Dr. Kingdon provided advice for those early in their careers on how to get involved in clean air advocacy, reflecting on their own personal journeys.

Get involved

RCPCH Clean Air Network

The RCPCH has recently launched a Clean Air Network. Its primary aim is to mobilise and empower paediatricians as advocates for clean air, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to raise awareness about air pollution’s impact on child health.

If interested, find out more and sign up for the Clean Air Network.

Useful links and resources

National Child Mortality Database (NCMD) impact report 2023

State of Global Air Report 2024. State of Global Air, 2024.

Climate change and mental health. Clayton, S. and Brown, L.A., 2024. JAMA,

PM2.5 exposure during pregnancy is associated with altered placental expression of lipid metabolic genes in a US birth

The value of green and blue spaces for wellbeing [Blog]

Can access to nature and fresh air improve wellness and reduce health inequalities? Dr Alice Willson reflects on her experience as RCPCH Clinical Fellow in the Clean Air Fund Partnership, and how we can imbed sustainability into our working lives.

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  • Dr Helena Clements

    RCPCH Officer for Climate Change

    Helena is a consultant paediatrician, associate medical director and climate action clinical lead at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust. Helena has lived sustainably in an eco-house for over 20 years, and in the last 5 years, she has been driving climate action in her professional life. In the last 18 months Helena has been chairing the clinical advisory group for the Nottinghamshire Greener ICS Board and is now the Clinical Director for Notts Net Zero ICS. She is collaborating with the Midlands clinical senate and has been part of the RCPCH Climate Change Working Group since its inception in 2021.

  • Dr Camilla Kingdon

    former RCPCH President and chair of the Health Air Coalition

    Camilla graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and trained in paediatrics in London. She has been a consultant neonatologist since 2000. She works at the Evelina London Children's Hospital and has sub-specialty interests in neonatal nutrition, donor milk banking and neurodevelopmental follow up of high risk neonates. She has a longstanding involvement in medical education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She was Head of the London School of Paediatrics and Child Health for five years and this gave her unique opportunities to see firsthand the highs and lows of working in paediatrics and all its sub-specialties, in a wide range of different clinical settings. Camilla has a particular interest and expertise in medical careers support. She completed a Masters in Medical Careers Management at the University of Brighton in 2013 and currently co-leads the RCPCH Careers Advisors network. She is especially interested in enhancing working lives of paediatricians, team morale and ideas to combat burnout and disillusionment with medicine. Camilla was RCPCH Vice President for Education and Professional Development and then RCPCH President. She is an advisor to the Centre for Young Lives and the Humber and North Yorkshire ICB Futures Group and continues to help raise the profile of key issues around poverty, prevention, and mental health. She is particularly interested in tackling poor air quality and the impact of climate change on children and young people in the UK and internationally.

  • Dr Alice Willson

    Clinical Fellow - Clean Air Fund Partnership

  • Dr Emily Parker

    Clinical Fellow - Clean Air Fund Partnership

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