Diabetes Quality Programme


To help drive outcomes improvements and encourage service change in paediatric diabetes care in England and Wales, the National Diabetes Quality Programme was established in collaboration with the National Children and Young People's Diabetes Network in April 2018.

We aim to improve multidisciplinary care for children and young people with diabetes in the NHS, reducing unwarranted variations and involving families in service improvement in a developmental way.

  1. Episode 1: Episode 1 - Our QI Collaborative journey

    Dr Carrie Mackenzie at Sheffield Children's Hospital reflects on her team's journey throughout the QI Collaborative programme and offers recommendations to teams wishing to embark on quality improvement projects of their own.

  2. Episode 2: Episode 2 - Reflections from QI Champions

    Dr Dita Aswani, Dr Carrie Mackenzie and Dr Fiona Campbell talk with Dr Megan Peng and Dr Tricia Woodhead about their team's involvement in the early waves of the QI Collaborative.

  3. Episode 3: Episode 3 - Developing a transition service

    We speak with the team at Warrington and Halton NHS Trust on how they have developed their transition service through applying quality improvement (QI) methods, engaging with children and young people and gaining feedback from parents and carers.

    Thank you to the following contributors at Warrington and Halton NHS for taking part in this recording:

    Dr Satish Hulikere: Clinical Lead
    Dr Neethi Ram: Paediatric registrar (with endocrine interest)
    Claire: Specialist Nurse for Transition
    Jack: Young person involved in improving the transition service

  4. Episode 4: Episode 4 - Patient advocacy and transition

    We speak to Jo Kitchen and Amanda Grayson, Patient Advocates at the Calderdale and Huddersfield Trust, about their unique role in supporting young people with diabetes, and their Quality Improvement project on transition.

    Jo Kitchen
    Amanda Grayson
    Patient advocates, Diabetes Team, Calderdale and Huddersfield Trust

    Andrea Srur - Programme Manager, Diabetes QI team, RCPCH
    Matt Oultram - Quality Improvement Project Manager, CYP Diabetes QI Collaborative, RCPCH

  5. Episode 5: Episode 5 - Improving clinic experience

    We speak to Liz Baker (Consultant Paediatrician) and Jo Ellis (Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse) from York Teaching Hospitals about their QI project aimed at improving the clinic experience for patients. We also talk about their experience of taking part in the QI Collaborative.

    Dr Liz Baker
    Jo Ellis

    Matt Oultram - Quality Improvement Project Manager - CYP Diabetes QI Collaborative. RCPCH
    Jessica Ellis - Head of the Diabetes Quality Team. RCPCH

  6. Episode 6: Episode 6 - Improving time in range

    We speak to the Sandwell and West Birmingham Team about their QI project aimed at improving time in range. Contributors:

    Dr Chizo Agwu (Consultant Paediatrician, Clinical Lead)
    Charlotte Avann (Consultant Paediatrician)
    Lizbeth Hudson (Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse)

    Matt Oultram: RCPCH Quality Improvement Project Manager - CYP Diabetes QI Collaborative
    Karina Green: RCPCH Audit Project Co-ordinator - NPDA

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