Personalised Care Institute: Virtual Patient Scenarios

Developed in conjunction with the Keele University, the Personalised Care Institute has launched its first virtual non immersive reality training simulations to explore the key Shared Decision Making (SDM) microskills of agenda-setting, teach-back, exploring patient preferences around treatment options and reaching a shared decision.


This resource has not been developed by, or in collaboration with, the RCPCH nor quality assured by the RCPCH.

About this resource

These free, quality-assured Virtual Patient avatars will provide health and care professionals of all levels of seniority and experience with an opportunity test and develop their SDM skills through a series of life-like simulated patient consultations  in a risk-free environment.  Each Virtual Patient consultation can be completed in 10-15 minutes.

The first two scenarios to be launched are an in-person consultation based on an osteoarthritis discussion and a remote consultation by telephone with a father concerning his son’s sore throat. Two further scenarios, a referral for suspected bowel cancer and a discussion around the ongoing use of antidepressants are due to be launched in the coming months.

SDM has been found to result in better patient outcomes, increased adherence to treatment, reduced repeat appointments and fewer regrets about decisions relating to their health and care.

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